Hoco GM12 Light and Shadow RGB Gaming Set

B$ 48.00


Keyboard imitation mechanical keyboard
Material ABS + liquid silicone
Connection method wired USB, PVC wire, length 1.5m
Sizes 465*180*40mm
Weight 700 grams
Keys 104 keys + 3 independent multimedia + 1 knob. Laser-engraved transparent character keycaps, with a service life of about 8 million times
Lighting 9 kinds of RGB lighting effects
Mouse Material: ABS+ braid, 1.5m cable length
Mouse Sizes 125*80*41mm.
Mouse Weight 110 grams
Service life about 3 million times, 6D keys
DPI 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 360
Light LED colorful breathing light

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